Our Projects

Take a look at the range of work we have recently undertaken.
These are just a few examples of the work we do.

​Custom boat axles

Original trailer had 2 axles now fitted with 3 new axles.

Now rated to 4500kg, Although the NZ limit is 3500kg, best to over spec then under!

235mm vented discs 

Custom NZ made and galvanized Axles

3500kg electric coupling 

Tri-axle suspension, 6L e/s rocker, 4500kg/set, zinctech

Fitted with a "Credo electric/hydraulic braking system"

This system allows the ability to switch the in-cab portion of the controller between tow vehicles

Multi Voltage capable, this means: Fully compatible with 12v and 24v vehicles

Eliminates over-voltage damage commonly inflicted on braking systems of this type

Easy to use touch screen for simple and intuitive operation, on-the-move adjustments and system troubleshooting

Compatible with electric and hydraulic braking system

NZ made Custom bespoke Horse floats

NZ made and now fully Hot dip galvanized.

Customization available to fit your needs and your budget.

Galvanized steel frame with ACM cladding - no rust!.

21mm ply flooring.

Rubber sealed floor and ramp.

Polyurethane side kick walls.

Latest hydraulic braking systems (Electric also available) .

Padded dividers.

Being bespoke, many extras an be added to suit including but not limited too:

Dust doors - swing up or barn style

Cupboards and tack storage

Water tanks, hose connections and sinks


Rug racks


Custom Miniture horse float
Custom Miniture horse float

2 Horse straight loader  - Custom extras added for clientSink plus 80L water tank
2 Horse straight loader

Custom extras added for client

Sink plus 80L water tank

2 Horse straight loader - Custom extras added for client Awningfront seat/storageTop barn doors
2 Horse straight loader

Custom extras added for client


front seat/storage

Top barn doors

Custom Tipper Trailer

10x5 Hydraulic Tipper

12 Volt with on trailer charger

3500kg hygo braking system 

3500kg tipping capacity

Tare weight 750kg, allowing for a payload of 2750kg.

Front storage box

Italian hydraulic ram

4mm treadplate deck

1100 high cable

4 x twin piston calipers with 235mm vented rotors

Multi fit coupling 

NZ made, fully hot dip galvanized

Built tough, Built to last

Truck refurbishment

ACM cladded to look like new again.

Luton can be added using NZ galvanized steel - extra sleeping space.

Lower skirt added using NZ galvanized steel and aluminum with extra storage spaces.

Interior re-cladded in ACM for a freshen up.

Full customization avaliable to fit clients needs.

Truck re-clad and refurbish -  "Before" and "After"
Truck re-clad and refurbish

"Before" and "After"

Truck re-clad and refurbish - "Before" and "After"
Truck re-clad and refurbish

"Before" and "After"

NZ made Custom built tractor trailer

NZ made

Fully hot dip galvanized.

Custom made to fit the clients needs.

Custom rolled guards (not off the shelf!)

235mm Vented rotors with stainless steel braided brake lines.

Patriot twin stainless steel caliper.

NZ made Car Transport trailer

NZ made Car transporter 2 x 4.5m tilt deck trailer

2500GVM Hydraulic braking

4mm thick RHS frame 

Striker brake calipers

Stainless braided brake lines 

Multifit coupling 

13" low profile rims an tyres

Spare wheel

Heavy duty jockey wheel

Multi-volt LED light system

21mm structural ply 


Hot dipped galvanized

Ramps and ramp holders

Winch and 10m of synthetic winch rope with cargo hook.

NZ made custom built Horse truck boxes

ACM cladding.

Duragalv steel.

10mm rubber lined floor.

Rubber lined tack cupboard.

Composite board wall lining and dividers.

Custom built to suit the customers needs.

Pictured Red/Grey truck available to hire through "Norwest horse truck hire" facebook page 

NZ made builders "Tool" trailer

NZ made custom built tool trailer 

NZ Durogalv steel

ACM cladded

NZ made custom builds

Trailers made to suit clients needs.

Left: Builders tool trailer to house everything needed, raised second floor to be able to store extra ply wood/materials as needed.

Right: Fully galvanized/Aluminum cladded ATV beach trailer to pack the kids and the picnic from the Bach to beach!

Want to give your trailer the love it deserves?